Our partners

lodbergen   Dressage Horse
Performance Centre
  The Dressage Horse Performance Centre Lodbergen, newly established in 2008 as an initiative of the circle of friends around the successful Oldenburg breeder and stallion keeper Harli Seifert, combines breeding and sport at the highest level.
pfeil partnerwww.dressurleistungszentrum.de
logo seifert   Horse Breeding
Harli Seifert
  For more than thirty years, Harli Seifert has successfully and very passionately devoted herself to the breeding of Oldenburg sporthorses. With the steady further development of the famous Rudilore line and a great deal of aptitude for breeding, Horse Breeding Harli Seifert has developed into one of the leading Oldenburg breeding stations.
pfeil partnerwww.dressurleistungszentrum.de
doeller   Döller Sporthorses  

Patrick Döller is an upcoming german show jumping rider, who got self-employed in 2015 and is now responsible for the training and competition management of our show jumping horses. In his previous career he won the Grand Prix of Rastede and the Deister-Championat, was successful at the Bundeschampionat and the World Championship for young show jumping horses.
pfeil partnerhttp://doeller-sporthorses.com/


swiss breeding   Swiss

With around 20 percent of all inseminations of warmblood mares in Switzerland in the past seven years, Swiss Breeding Management has obtained a considerable share of the market. The success of our company is based on a highly diverse range of first-class sires.
pfeil partnerwww.swissbreedingmanagement.de


parelli   David Zünd
Parelli Natural Horsemanship

Parelli is not a riding style. It is basic schooling for people and horses alike, based on two-way communication, respect and trust, which takes the different requirements of different horse personalities into account.
pfeil partnerwww.davidzuend.ch


stockrueti   Tierklinik Stockrüti  

Our partner clinic for veterinary medical needs.
pfeil partnerwww.stockrueti.ch